Our next CPD event – Working with the Narcissistic Client

Healthy narcissism is a sense of positive self-regard that is based on a realistic understanding and self-acceptance of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Because healthy narcissism is based on realistic self-knowledge it is relatively impervious to minor slights and failures, it is stable over time, and it is not overly dependent on what others think (Greenberg, E. A brief guide to Borderline, Narcissistic and schizoid disorders. Feb 1998)

But what happens when we encounter in our clinical work the client who meets us with the private distress of presenting a facade of arrogance and superiority to cover up and compensate for an underlying sense of being worthless and inadequate? For this person, what appears to have high self-esteem can really be a shallow illusion that is easily disrupted when others do not validate the person’s sense of self-importance.

In this workshop we shall explore together the often painful relational implications for this particular client group with a narcissistic style of relating. Equal importance will be given to the influence of our own narcissism in the therapeutic relationship.

The day will be explored through a relational lens and we will discuss together how our strengths and limitations influence the work. Consideration will be given to how we support our clients clinically whilst at the same time challenging their relational influence with others. There will be theoretical input along with experiential exercises and clinical practice to support discussion and learning.

About the Trainer

Carole is a qualified psychotherapist, sex therapist and supervisor, she has a particular interest in patterns of relating which are problematic and present on a repeating basis.

Carole is a guest trainer at Metanoia Institute London, The Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, The Krakow Gestalt Institute of Therapy, Poland. She is a training and supervising member of GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute).

Saturday 2nd March 9.30am – 4.30pm

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