Upcoming CPD – Working with Grief & Death in the Clinical Setting

Poem – Busy with Many Jobs
Busy with very urgent jobs
I forgot
One also has
To die

I kept neglecting that duty
Or performed it

As from tomorrow
Things will be different
I’ll start dying meticulously
Wisely optimistically
Without wasting time

Tadeusz Rozewicz, 1921

Loss and Bereavement is very much part of living and affects us all. Our relationship with grief and loss is either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of awareness and is what we bring to the therapeutic relationship. This workshop is designed to consider clinical practice with clients who have encountered loss and/or grief in their personal or professional lives.
Through a relational lens we shall consider our own relationship with grief and dying and support each other to explore our enduring relational themes around this subject. There will be a particular emphasis on communication, personal and cultural beliefs which may support and influence the therapeutic task. The workshop will be mostly experiential in order to develop confidence and skill in talking about this difficult and sensitive topic.

Carole is a qualified psychotherapist, sex therapist and supervisor, she has a particular interest in patterns of relating which are problematic and present on a repeating basis.

About the Trainer

Carole is a guest trainer at Metanoia Institute London, The Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, The Krakow Gestalt Institute of Therapy, Poland. She is a training and supervising member of GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute).

Saturday 28th September 2019 9.30am – 4.30 pm

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